Android Updates for the HTC Hero the Custom Way with VillainROM

21 July, 2010

Own a HTC Hero? Remember how long it took HTC to update to 2.1? I certainly do, and around the fourth delay, I gave up on the idea of waiting for carriers/manufacturers to release updates. There are certainly a number of custom ROM providers out there, however I have found the most quality custom ROM team to be VillainROM.

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_Some Android 2.2 for HTC Hero screenshots courtesy of

If you’re like me and love the Android platform and just want to keep up to date with its releases as they come out, to give valuable feedback and perhaps develop a couple of apps along the way then it might be an idea to flash VillainROM onto your phone.

Very soon after each Google release, VillainROM have been there to provide HTC Hero users with an opportunity to upgrade. It’s not just stock Android either, they also have HTC Sense builds as well.

Here are a few links to get you setup with a nice new OS:

Happy Upgrading!