jQax jQuery plugin – The jQuery plugin version of the jQax ajax wrapper

18 August, 2010

Upgraded by popular demand, the jQax ajax wrapper has been turned into a full fledged jQuery plugin, conforming to the plugin authoring guidelines and compatible with compression.

Rain sweet code down on me:

Below is the full code as of writing, if you’re interested in helping out, the source can also be found here on github

[gist id=534526 file=jquery.jqax.js]

Show me the usage:

Once you’ve referenced the script in the head section you can use the code like so:

var x = $.jQax({
    LoaderContainerId: "#divMyLoadingDiv",
    LoaderText: "I'm loading, wait up..."

Now you can perform the following function anywhere you need within scope of the above declaration:

var data = {
    myTrackRecord: "52 Seconds",
    activity: "go karts"
x.Post("MyWebService.asmx/Record", data, function (data, eventArgs) {
    var result = $.parseJSON(data.d); // Please note: You may not need ".d"
    // Do stuff here

The original non-plugin version of my code can be found in my previous post:

jQax – A Simple jQuery Ajax Wrapper with Loading Notification