Torrential – uTorrent client for Windows Phone 7 in the Marketplace!

15 November, 2010

Torrential has finally hit the marketplace and promises to be the best torrent app for windows phone 7 yet! Not only can you manage your torrents on the go, but you can also search Isohunt directly from within the app, and even receive push notifications when your downloads are complete without installing any extra software.

Download Torrential for Windows Phone 7

Here’s why you should buy it now:

  • Inbuilt Isohunt search and download* Push notifications for completed downloads* Start, stop, pause, remove, remove plus data, force start, etc…* Auto Login

Here’s why you should have bought it a few lines ago:

Active Search Settings TorrentDetail

Here’s a video to tip anyone still on the fence:


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Download Torrential for Windows Phone 7