TwitLinkz Wp7 App – Summarizing a Twitter Feed Near You!

24 May, 2011


TwitLinkz takes your favourite twitter feeds, pulls out the links and summarizes the articles for you. It’s as simple as that.

If you source your up to the minute news from twitter, Twitlinkz is a great way to browse the headlines.

Available in the marketplace now, **TwitLinkz is free **and is set to change the way you get your real-time information.


What does it actually do?

Here’s the step by step:

  1. Follow a twitter feed like #wp7, @benjii22 or “Australia”
  2. TwitLinkz searches the twitter feed for any links that were posted
  3. TwitLinkz fetches and summarizes the articles
  4. You enjoy a list of headlines with article summaries relevant to you

Future Features

I love building Windows Phone 7 apps, so you guys can expect these features to land on your doorstep just as soon as you can say, “Why the hell did he put a z on the end…”

  • Save your articles for later with Instapaper and other exciting web apps
  • Push Notifications and Live Tiles
  • Sign in with twitter for more personalised use

Download TwitLinkz Now, It’s Free!